Monday, March 21, 2011


Maw had knee surgery several months ago and since has had a hard time having energy to watch the girls. Her life revolves around her great-granddaughters so its hard for her emotionally to not be able to watch the girls. So we try our best to make it to Maws house at least once a week. The girls LOVE going to Maw's house. Usually, Paw Paw comes over too. The girls LOVE playing with Maw and Paw Paw. I am always amazed at Maw. She is 82 and so incredibly healthy. She will do anything to make the girls happy. I am so thankful for Maw and the happiness and unconditional love she gives to my girls.

My dad playing soccer with Elle.

Lily Kate wanted to play with PawPaw too.....this is what she wanted to play.
Picking Maw's beautiful flowers- of course Maw lets her.
Maw pulling the girls around the yard in the wagon. She wanted to make sure all the girls got to have a flower. So sweet!

Lily Kate trying to give Cassidy a piggyback ride.

Then Cassidy wanted to play with Paw Paw too.... at least the girls are having a blast!

Ballet or Soccer?

Elle is taking both ballet and soccer this spring. I'm trying to let her try different sports so she can decide what she wants to stick with. After watching her in both ballet and soccer, its become pretty obvious what she will choose.

Baby Owen #3 in progress

21 weeks pregnant

I can't believe I haven't posted about our new baby yet! Abe and I found out I was expecting last November. I've been really baby hungry since Feb. 2010. Since Abe had just moved back home from flight school and we knew he was deploying in November, we decided to just enjoy our time together as a family without the craziness of a new baby. We waited to get pregnant right before he left for Iraq, so he would only miss a few months of the baby's life. So, our new baby will be here July 8th, 2011 at 7:30 am(c-section)! This is also Gigi's birthday! We decided to let the sex of the baby be a surprise. Lily Kate was a surprise and it was so fun! So far, I don't have any feeling whether its a boy or girl. As long as its healthy, we'll be excited. Elle wants a boy and Lily Kate wants a girl.

Abe will be able to come home for two weeks for the baby. C-Sections are always scheduled at least a week early. I'm praying that I won't go any earlier than that-Elle was 3 weeks early. If I did- Abe would miss the birth and that wouldn't be fun. But I have back up plans just in case. We are excited to meet our little baby that Heavenly Father has blessed us with! This pregnancy is FLYING by so fast! I really love being pregnant and I'm trying to cherish this pregnancy. There's just something beautiful and magical having a baby grow inside of a mother.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Green Smoothies

A few weeks ago a friend from church introduced us to green smoothies and we're hooked! They are so healthy and the girls (especially Elle) love them. The book is called "The Green Smoothie Diet". I opted to not read the book but read about this diet on the internet instead. Basically, you want to use fresh produce. No preservatives or artificial sugars, etc. Usually our smoothie consists of lots and lots of spinach, kale, avocado, green apple, pineapple, banana, a whole lemon, little bit of honey, a cup of water and flax seed. And lots of ice. They really do give you a little "nutritional high". I just feel better and have more energy.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Skype is a BLESSING!! We are able to see and talk to Abe pretty much everyday because of Skype. The girls get so excited when they hear Abe calling on the computer. He usually calls us before he goes to bed- which is around 1:00pm GA time. Or he'll call when he wakes up, which is 12:00am GA time(8:00 in Iraq). Iraq is 8 hrs ahead of us. We try to give the girls time alone with Abe too. It's funny to listen to the girls tell Abe about the highlights of their day. Elle's conversation usually starts off by showing and telling Abe about the outfit she chose to wear for the day. Then she'll show him her new ballet moves and she'll show him her two missing teeth in her mouth-everyday. When Lily Kate talks to Abe, she usually tells him "hi" five times and just laughs and copies whatever Elle is saying. And just like Elle, she likes to show Abe what shoes she's wearing. When she's eating a snack, she'll try to feed Abe through the computer and Abe will pretend to eat it. Then they'll usually make silly faces to each other on the computer. The girls always kiss him through the computer too. It's cute to watch. And our dog Marley goes crazy when she hears Abe's voice on the computer. She'll frantically run to the door because she hears his voice. It's kind of sad, but sweet that she gets so excited when she hears him.

I am so thankful for Skype. I feel like I'm always being separated from Abe. When he was on his mission for two years in Brazil, the only communication we had was snail mail letters. That was so hard. Now, here we are- 10 years later- married with two kids and one on the way -we're separated once again. But Skype has made this separation so much more bearable. He is still very much a part of our daily lives- just in a different way.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Daddy Read Aloud

Last week the girls got a package in the mail from their Daddy all the way from Iraq! In the package were two books and two DVD's. One for each girl. On each DVD was a video of Abe reading books to the girls and telling them how much he loved and missed him. The girls loved their books and were so excited to see their dad on tv. They kept talking to him as if he was going to respond(maybe they thought it was like skype?) It was funny because Lily Kate kept screaming at Abe, "Daddy you want some dinner?!!" (I was cooking dinner while they were watching their videos). It was so nice to see him and hear his voice while the girls listened to their daddy read them stories-over and over and over.