Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pampered Princess Party

So my sweet Elle is growing up. I can't believe it's been five years since she graced our lives. The happiness she brings our family is indescribable. She is so mothering to Lily Kate and a big help to me. She has a tender heart and loves to make her mom and dad happy. She loves anything girly and pink. She has also had this ongoing fascination with Little Mermaid. It started when she was two and its never let up. There's just something about Ariel!

One night we had a cute little baby sitter who wore a "wish necklace." She told Elle that it was given to her by the "fairies". When you get a "wish necklace" you wish upon the stars. When your necklace falls off, your wish will come true. And that very night, the fairies also left Elle her very own "wish necklace". Elle would not tell ANYONE what her wish was, because then it wouldn't come true. Then finally one night in complete confidence, Elle told me her wish. She wished that Ariel would come to her house. Which gave me an idea for her birthday party!

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my girly little Elle than to have a princess makeover party with Ariel! So that's what we did! And since Abe wouldn't be able to be there, we decided on a GIRLS ONLY party. That way, she wouldn't be sad if everyone else's dads were there and not hers.

I told Elle that Ariel called me from her "shell phone" and that she wanted to come to her birthday party. I've never heard Elle scream so loud- followed by running around the house and jumping off couches for the next 30 minutes. I got the girls a calendar to count down the days till Abe came home, but we also used it to count down the days till Elle's birthday. Every morning, the first thing she would do is count how many more days till her birthday.

So we invited our closest little princess friends and ended up with a grand total of 16 little girls! I had so much fun planning Elle's princess party. Everything pink and princess filled our house in preparation for the big day. Our house looked like it was invaded by pink princesses!

The decorations are up and the food is prepared. The princess cousins are waiting on the royal guests to arrive.
When the girls first arrived, we did princess make overs. We had a hair station, a nail station, and a make up station. After their make overs, they had to go to the accessory table to pick out their tiara, necklace, bracelet, ring, and boa.

After the make overs, the girls showed off their new princess looks during our Princess Fashion show. With Princess songs blaring in the background, the girls magically walked the runway and struck a princess pose.

After the fashion show we played a couple of princess games while we waited on Ariel to arrive. We played "Princess Says" and the "Princess Whisper Game".

When Ariel arrived, the girls were star struck. They touched her to make sure she was real and had lots and lots of cute questions for the princess. Ariel was magical and described her life among princesses with great detail.

Ariel was amazing. She is a woman of many talents! The girls played games....
Ariel painted all their faces.

They danced. She even did magic tricks and made each girl a balloon animal.

id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5567634606459968978" />Elle told me after the party that "all her dreams came true." Elle was one happy little girl.

After Ariel left, we ate birthday cake and opened presents. Elle had a magically perfect 5th birthday.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

One last goodbye

This past week, Abe had a training in Alabama for a week. So, the girls and I headed to Dothan Alabama to spend one last week with Abe before he left for Iraq. Our week in Dothan was Heaven. I am sooooooo grateful for the time we were able to spend with Abe. And when time is so limited with your loved one, you really appreciate every second you have with them.

The girls and I got there Monday night. The anticipation of seeing Abe made me feel like I was in high school again. I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn't drive fast enough-thankfully- no ticket:) When we got to the hotel- Comfort Suites- Abe came out to the car. He looked so cute as he was walking to our car, I felt like my stomach was doing flip flops. I ran and hugged and kissed him and just wanted to stand there holding him....then I realized the girls were screaming to see their dad and they were still locked in the car. The girls were so excited to see their daddy! They of course were screaming and were soooooo hyper when they saw him. The moment seemed surreal, to actually be in his arms again. We were all in heaven being together again.

The hotel where we stayed was literally brand new, so it was nice.....and you could literally see the mall from our window. Nice. During the day, the girls and I would go to the playground, go to the mall(that had a carousel), go to lunch with other army wives, etc. The days went by fast. And thankfully, Abe got home around 4 every afternoon- sometimes earlier:)

One night, we took the girls to Chuckecheese(or however you spell it) to celebrate Elle's birthday. Thankfully, it was a Wednesday night and the place was empty. So no screaming snotty nosed kids running around, just us and our beautiful perfect little girls:) It was surprisingly relaxing and fun.
Our little genius discovered a good strategy for pin ball. No need to throw it when you can just place it in any hole you want.

Every time Abe and I would kiss, Lily Kate would come running, get in between us and push us apart and scream, "Don't kiss my Daddy!" She would give me this stern look. It was so cute. So we of course would keep kissing just to watch her do that. She knows she's funny- so its fun to watch her doing it trying not to smile.

We took the girls to see Yogi Bear, to eat at a Hibachi restaurant, and to get ice cream. The most fun we had was just hanging out in our hotel room watching the girls jump on the beds and wrestle with Abe.

Abe tucked the girls into bed every night and read them princess books. He is seriously a really good girl dad. Our girls are very lucky.

The week went by WAY TOO FAST!!!!!!! We were loving and appreciating each and every moment we got to be together. I have to say, I feel like I've fell in love all over again with Abe this week. He makes me feel so loved and beautiful when I'm with him. He is so kind and patient with me and the girls.

Abe gave the girls a Father's blessing Saturday night. They were both so excited to get a blessing from their Daddy and they sat so reverently and listened to every word. That was a very sweet moment. Saying goodbye was not fun. We woke up Sunday morning and got ready to go. The girls of course were fine and Abe and I did all the crying. Elle told me she was going to draw me a picture of Daddy holding a flag so I would be happy. Lily Kate asked me if I was sad, I told her yes, because I miss Daddy. Then she said, "alright then, well- I'm sorry(all while swinging her arms)" and she walked off. That made me laugh. My girls definitely make me smile and happy when I'm feeling sad. I love them more than anything in this world.

Abe leaves this week to go overseas. He will go to a mobilization base(in a very secretive disclosed location-not really) for about two weeks before he's actually in Iraq. Once he's in Iraq, he will not be able to use his phone because the calls are so expensive. We will communicate mainly through email and Skype. While he's on his way overseas, we probably will be out of contact for a couple days. This will be sad for me- the realization that he's officially in a war zone and not being able to just call him when I need him. Right now I can talk to him on the phone throughout the day, but that will change in Iraq and our communication will be limited.

The next time I see Abe, we will be having a baby! He will be able to come home in July for the birth. I think he will be able to stay for 2 weeks before he'll have to go back. The baby will be 4 months old when Abe's deployment is over. Abe kind of likes the idea of coming home after the baby is sleeping through the night. Nice timing for Abe:)

We had a perfect week in Dothan Alabama. I got to know some of the other army wives and they are really fun to be around. We are very grateful for this extra visit we were blessed with. It has really helped us to transition into this deployment without only a limited number of breakdowns. And I blame them all on my pregnancy hormones:)