Sunday, April 03, 2011

General Conference

Twice a year(April and October) our church has General Conference where members of the church (LDS) can listen to our prophet and apostles speak. There are two- 2hour sessions on Saturday and two-2 hour sessions on Sunday. You can get conference on BYU TV or the internet. We switched to Direct TV last fall, so this is the first conference we've been able to watch from the comfort of our own home. So nice!! This year, I really wanted to try to get the girls to listen and pay attention more. It's a long time to sit and pay attention, so I found some really cute activities on the internet to keep them involved.

First, I made them little conference notebooks. I had a nursery-age notebook for Lily Kate(ie. with activities to draw the prophets face, color his tie, etc.) and I found a primary age notebook for Elle(ie. trace the prophets name, mazes, connect the dots, etc.). The girls were excited to have their own hot pink folders.

On Saturday, I set out a blanket and told them we'd have a picnic and listen to the prophet. I made lots of unhealthy snacks-the kind I'd usually never make for them- just to make it special. We had muddy buddy chex mix and homemade Dill Cheez-its. We also had sandwiches for lunch. To my surprise, the girls did really well. Elle especially loved doing the conference crafts.

And Lily Kate's favorite activity of conference was finding the apostle who was speaking and putting him in the pull pit. She usually went through every picture before she found the right speaker(I guess they all look alike to a two year old!)- but she loved putting them in the bucket.

Conference was an enjoyable time for our family this year. I loved spending the day with my girls and listening to our prophet speak. I think we will make the picnic and conference crafts/activities a part of our family traditions!!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Juicy Fruit Lost its Flavor

My Grandma bought Lily Kate her own bottle of gum. Juicy Fruit. Even a toddler knows that Juicy Fruit loses its flavor. No worries though. When the flavor runs out, just put it on the table for your mom to clean up and grab another piece. This is what I found on our table.....compliments of Lily Kate.

Package #2

I have to admit, the girls and I really get into making packages for Abe. I forgot to take a picture of his first package. This is his second package- his Easter package. We put Easter grass in the bottom with lots of candy filled eggs. Elle and Lily Kate drew pictures for Abe and put one in each easter egg. We also made his favorite cookies....we'll see if they're good by the time they get to Iraq! It's fun trying to get creative and make each package fun.