Monday, March 21, 2011


Maw had knee surgery several months ago and since has had a hard time having energy to watch the girls. Her life revolves around her great-granddaughters so its hard for her emotionally to not be able to watch the girls. So we try our best to make it to Maws house at least once a week. The girls LOVE going to Maw's house. Usually, Paw Paw comes over too. The girls LOVE playing with Maw and Paw Paw. I am always amazed at Maw. She is 82 and so incredibly healthy. She will do anything to make the girls happy. I am so thankful for Maw and the happiness and unconditional love she gives to my girls.

My dad playing soccer with Elle.

Lily Kate wanted to play with PawPaw too.....this is what she wanted to play.
Picking Maw's beautiful flowers- of course Maw lets her.
Maw pulling the girls around the yard in the wagon. She wanted to make sure all the girls got to have a flower. So sweet!

Lily Kate trying to give Cassidy a piggyback ride.

Then Cassidy wanted to play with Paw Paw too.... at least the girls are having a blast!

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