Tuesday, February 08, 2011

David and Goliath

For FHE(Family Home Evening) on Monday we went to the Owen's house. We read and acted out the story of David and Goliath. We were explaining to the girls that David, even though he was so small, had great faith and had Heavenly Father with him. David was not scared of the giant Goliath because he knew Heavenly Father would be with him. Since he had Heavenly Father with him, he was kept safe. You could see Elle trying to process and understand the story. Then Elle asked, "Does Daddy have Heavenly Father with him?" Her question of course melted our hearts and we told her "Yes, absolutely, Daddy has Heavenly Father with him just like David". I'm so grateful for the insight that my girls give me and the strength that they are to me as we try to get through Abe's deployment. Elle's question helped me to remember that Heavenly Father is with Abe and he is with our family as well. As long as we have faith in him, then he will protect us and keep us safe, just like he did with David.

We had so much fun acting out the story. Sweet Uncle Ez put a kitchen bowl on his head, used a cookie sheet for his shield, and had a wooden spoon for his sword. He was a scary looking Goliath! The girls screamed and laughed so hard as the scary Goliath came towards them. Since they were "David" they got to throw Papa Tom's rolled up socks at Goliath. After a few rounds of stinky socks, Goliath finally died.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Elle lost her first tooth

Elle has a new smile!

Elle lost her first tooth on her 5th birthday. It was her bottom front tooth. We were both so surprised. I didn't even know she had a loose tooth. I was brushing her teeth at night. She went to spit in the sink and when she came back for me to finish brushing her tooth was gone! We looked all over the bathroom so I assume that she either swallowed it or spit in down the drain. When I saw that her tooth was gone, I was so surprised. I said, "Agh! You're tooth is gone! You're tooth is gone! Where did it go?" Then Elle started crying and said "Put it back. Put my tooth back." She was really upset because we've never really talked in detail about losing teeth yet. Our neighbor Jenn came over to look at Elle's tooth and got Elle excited about losing a tooth. Finally Elle got excited when we told her about the tooth fairy. I just can't believe how fast Elle's growing up!

Then tooth #2 fell out when we were shopping in Target. It was her other bottom middle tooth. Elle just looked at me and said her tooth was gone. We looked all over Target and never found it, so I'm guessing Elle's swallowing them? Anyways, so now Elle has a new toothless smile. I can already see her big teeth growing in. She just seems so young to already have big girl teeth!!