Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Organizing: Everything has a home and a label

I have always considered myself "organized" until I went to my friend's house(Lisa H!!!) a few months ago. Her house was organized to the extreme. I fell in love. Since I'm feeling this uncontrollable urge to nest and my husband is not around to stop me, I've become obsessed with organizing. And this is why I haven't done anything to get ready for baby #3. I keep finding things that need to be organized and who can focus on bringing a baby into the world, when things are out of place? Nights can get lonely when you're the wife of a deployed soldier. So once my girls are in bed, my label machine comes out and I go to work. My motto is "Everything has a home....and a label." I was too impulsive to take before pictures, but I have lots of after pictures! Enjoy!!

The Pantry
So my favorite part of my house organizational project is my organized pantry. I totally copied these ideas from my friend and a few organizational blogs, but I love how much easier it is to see the foods we have to eat!

Our Breakfast Shelf
(Oats, Breakfast mixes, cereal)
My baking supplies(baking chocolate, sprinkles, toppings, toothpicks, candles,etc.) and my candy and gum stash, drink mixes, and cake decorating bin. There's a cookie cutter bin on top that you can't see. There's also a marshmallow bin and a nuts bin.
My baking shelf on top. My pasta's and rice on bottom.
The top shelf is my condiments, etc. (ie. marinades bin, condiments bin, salad bin, italian bin and other bin.) The middle shelf is my oils, puddings/jello, bread bin, and paper goods bin. The bottom shelf is my breakfast shelf.
My favorite is my new CANSOLIDATOR! I have sooooo many canned goods from couponing for so long. This is a great way to make sure you rotate your cans and use them before they expire.

snacks bin, popcorn bin, cookies and pretzals.
Dog food and treats

The Girls Room:
Since my girls share a room- that is small- I have to fit ALOT of clothes into one tiny closet. I love bins. It's easier for my girls to clean up after themselves, when they have bins to put their things into.

You can't see, but the bins are labeled:
Belts, Headbands, Panties
ballet stuff, socks, tights, and bloomers
The top shelf is Lily Kate's clothes and the bottom shelf is Elle's. The bins in the middle are skirts.
The bins under their beds are Elle's shoes, Lily Kate's shoes, and bathing suits.

The Laundry Room

On the left in the is my gift wrapping supplies(ie scissors, tape, bows, tissue paper, gifts). The middle drawers are my extra toiletries(ie soaps/lotions, dental, shaving/hygiene-from couponing). The right side is my sewing machine and green sewing bin. The bins on top are for Abe's package gifts and things that need to be mended.

Lost Socks ziploc bag. Don't make fun. It works:)
Some of my laundry stock pile. The rest is in our garage. Below that is my gift wrapping center.

Linen Closet

adult towels and wash clothes
sheets and pillow cases
blankets, kids linens, adult linens, beach towels, and sheets are in the drawers

Play Closet
We keep most of the girls toys in our Toy Closet under our stairs. I love bins because its easy for the girls to clean up before they pull out the next bin. Each bin is labeled with a picture/words of whats inside the bin.

Here is our stash of SOME of our baby dolls and accessories.
Our kid games and puzzles
Toy Bins labeled with pictures and words. I rotate them with toys in our attic. It's like Christmas when I get toys out of our attic.

Coat Closet

I wish I had taken before pictures of this closet. Abe hated this closet, because stuff would literally fall on you every time you opened the door. On the shelf is our movies bin all our movies in a big cd case. Also, I have my memories drawer where I keep the girls drawings, etc. Below the coats is our vacuum.
Book Case
For some reason, we have sooo many books. I love children's books and have a ton of them from teaching. I have organized each of the books by category(ie. summertime, princess, family, manners, Christmas etc.). I bought these paper magazine bins from IKEA for $2 a pack and just put scrapbook paper on the front of them. The bins below are baby board books.


medicine cabinet(ie first aid, vitamins, headaches/stomach aches, and cold/fever) The silver buckets have medicine droppers and thermometers.
Top shelf is canning supplies, middle shelf is bottles, bowls, and kids bowls. The bottom shelf is plates and kids plates.
pots and pans

Now our whole house is organized and labeled! I'm ready to get ready for our new baby!!

Monday, June 06, 2011


I decided to make a Chore Chart for the girls. I will really need their help when the baby gets here and Abe is gone. Tonight for Family Home Evening we talked about "responsibility" and keeping a house clean. We practiced our new chores and they earned stickers to put on their charts. At the end of the week, they will get a prize from the treasure box if they finish all their chores. The girls are so excited to help- at least for now!!

Elle's Chores: 1. Make Bed 2. Pick up toys 3. Pick up clothes 4. Give Marley water 5. Clean table after meals
Lily Kate's Chores:. 1. Make Bed 2. Pick up toys 3. Pick up clothes 4. Give Marley food

Sunday, April 03, 2011

General Conference

Twice a year(April and October) our church has General Conference where members of the church (LDS) can listen to our prophet and apostles speak. There are two- 2hour sessions on Saturday and two-2 hour sessions on Sunday. You can get conference on BYU TV or the internet. We switched to Direct TV last fall, so this is the first conference we've been able to watch from the comfort of our own home. So nice!! This year, I really wanted to try to get the girls to listen and pay attention more. It's a long time to sit and pay attention, so I found some really cute activities on the internet to keep them involved.

First, I made them little conference notebooks. I had a nursery-age notebook for Lily Kate(ie. with activities to draw the prophets face, color his tie, etc.) and I found a primary age notebook for Elle(ie. trace the prophets name, mazes, connect the dots, etc.). The girls were excited to have their own hot pink folders.

On Saturday, I set out a blanket and told them we'd have a picnic and listen to the prophet. I made lots of unhealthy snacks-the kind I'd usually never make for them- just to make it special. We had muddy buddy chex mix and homemade Dill Cheez-its. We also had sandwiches for lunch. To my surprise, the girls did really well. Elle especially loved doing the conference crafts.

And Lily Kate's favorite activity of conference was finding the apostle who was speaking and putting him in the pull pit. She usually went through every picture before she found the right speaker(I guess they all look alike to a two year old!)- but she loved putting them in the bucket.

Conference was an enjoyable time for our family this year. I loved spending the day with my girls and listening to our prophet speak. I think we will make the picnic and conference crafts/activities a part of our family traditions!!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Juicy Fruit Lost its Flavor

My Grandma bought Lily Kate her own bottle of gum. Juicy Fruit. Even a toddler knows that Juicy Fruit loses its flavor. No worries though. When the flavor runs out, just put it on the table for your mom to clean up and grab another piece. This is what I found on our table.....compliments of Lily Kate.

Package #2

I have to admit, the girls and I really get into making packages for Abe. I forgot to take a picture of his first package. This is his second package- his Easter package. We put Easter grass in the bottom with lots of candy filled eggs. Elle and Lily Kate drew pictures for Abe and put one in each easter egg. We also made his favorite cookies....we'll see if they're good by the time they get to Iraq! It's fun trying to get creative and make each package fun.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Maw had knee surgery several months ago and since has had a hard time having energy to watch the girls. Her life revolves around her great-granddaughters so its hard for her emotionally to not be able to watch the girls. So we try our best to make it to Maws house at least once a week. The girls LOVE going to Maw's house. Usually, Paw Paw comes over too. The girls LOVE playing with Maw and Paw Paw. I am always amazed at Maw. She is 82 and so incredibly healthy. She will do anything to make the girls happy. I am so thankful for Maw and the happiness and unconditional love she gives to my girls.

My dad playing soccer with Elle.

Lily Kate wanted to play with PawPaw too.....this is what she wanted to play.
Picking Maw's beautiful flowers- of course Maw lets her.
Maw pulling the girls around the yard in the wagon. She wanted to make sure all the girls got to have a flower. So sweet!

Lily Kate trying to give Cassidy a piggyback ride.

Then Cassidy wanted to play with Paw Paw too.... at least the girls are having a blast!