Monday, May 17, 2010

Elle's First Gymnastics Competition

Elle had her first gymnastics competition a couple weeks ago. For those of you who don't know Elle, she is naturally really clumsy. She is always walking into walls or tripping over her own two feet. We knew early on, that she was definitely going to be more of an academic girl rather than an athletic girl. With that being said, gymnastics has really helped her learn how to use and move her body. I'll never forget her teacher working with Elle and then looking over at me in the parent seating, shaking her head and trying not to laugh at Elle. Sweet little Elle, she really has come a long way. Elle's teacher said she is the "most improved student"....take that for what its worth:) I guess as a mother, I love watching her do gymnastics because she LOVES doing it. She practices literally everyday at home and gets so excited on her gymnastics days. I love watching her confidence grow as she develops new skills and learns that she can get better and better as she practices.

Elle was so excited that her family was there to watch her, that she'd forget to pay attention. She kept looking over at us the entire time to wave.

Elle with her teacher Mrs. Peggy

We are so proud of our baby girl!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elle's New Bathing Suit

My mom came and got Elle to spend the day with her. My mom, of course took Elle to her favorite store....GW (aka Good Will). My mom found Elle a brand new bathing suit- still had the tags on it...... Elle loves her new bathing suit..... and wears it around the house in anticipation for the summer. She even wears it when our distant relatives come to visit and want to take family pictures. All I can say about the bathing suit, is at least we know that she will not drown this summer.