Saturday, February 27, 2010

QUICK Owen Update

Abe graduated flight school.

We threw him a party.

His Grandpa surprised him at his graduation.

Then, Elle turned four and we had a family (plus the Danneman girls) birthday party for her.

Then it snowed.....

....and Lily Kate cried.

We sled down the hills in our neighborhood GA style (in a blow up pool).

Elle made Valentines on Valentines Day.....

...and LK tore them up.

Then we made cupcakes....

And had a scavenger hunt.

Now that Abe is home, life is getting back to normal!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Lily Kate LOVES balls. It was her first word. Whenever she sees a ball, she'll say "baawwl, baawwl, baawwl" in a thick country accent till she get's to hold the ball.

A few weekends ago, I met my sister at the Children's museum in Atlanta. While changing LK's diaper in the bathroom, she kept saying, "baawwl" over and over while in the bathroom. When I finished changing her diaper, I looked up to see the ball she was pointing to. I looked up to see a nice Indian lady with a red "bawwl" on her forehead. Awkward.