Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

June 21st was mine and Abe's 6 year anniversary. Time really does fly. Abe's parents said they'd watch the girls Saturday night, so Abe and I decided to go to the new Coke Museum in Atlanta. Honestly, I had a bad cold and had 3 or 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I wasn't feeling good at all! And Tylenol Cold did absolutely NOTHING to help. I really wanted to go though because Abe and I never get to go out on dates anymore. Once we got there and started drinking coke, I had forgotten I was even sick. (From now on when I'm sick, I'm going to drink a Coke) I had forgotten how much fun it was to hang out with just Abe. It felt a little bit like we were in high school again. We had the perfect day together. Abe did many sweet and thoughtful things, which made me feel so loved. Abe's truly the love of my life and I'm so greatful for everyday I get to spend with him.

The Beverly is the nastiest Coke drink EVER!! Disgusting!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Mom! Hebenly Fader's not listening to me!"

This past Thursday I was in a hurry trying to pack so we could go visit Abe in Alabama. It started thundering and raining outside. Elle was getting a little scared of the thunder. She kept running into my room (scared) asking me what the loud booms were. I kept saying, "Oh Elle, you're fine. It's just thunder. The clouds are playing baseball." A few minutes later I went to check on her in her room and saw her praying(on her knees, hands folded). I stopped in my tracks so I could spy on her without her seeing me. Her prayer went like this:

"Dear Hebenly Fader, please help the thunder and rain to go away. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Then, she jumps up and looks out the window. To her disappointment, it was still raining and thundering.

Then she yells(very frustrated), "Mom!! Hebenly Fader's not listening to me!"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What Do You Do For Fun?

We put our kids in bins and see how far we can push them on the carpet.

Is this normal?

Abe let me sleep in on Saturday morning. I came downstairs halfway awake,walked into the kitchen where Abe was feeding Lily Kate. This is what I saw.....

Abe never explained Lily Kate's appearance. Is this normal?


We followed the signs and saw Rock was fun. I took the girls with Abe's parents and grandparents. We had a little picnic and walked through the park. It was breathtaking!! Elle's favorite part was the "Mother Goose Cave." The swinging bridge gave me a mini heart attack. Next time I go, I'll make sure Lily Kate is in a sling and I'll go when its not so hot outside. It's actually really beautiful and a fun trip to take if your kids can walk!

Little Miss Sunshine

Lily Kate is Little Miss Sunshine. She is ALWAYS smiling and laughing and has brought sunshine into my soul!! She's VERY active but always happy, so it makes her craziness kind of cute! I love my Little Miss Sunshine!!!

Where have we been?

We went to the beach with some friends....

We went out to eat with some friends and LOTS of babies......

We went to Papa Tom's 60th surprise birthday party! And spent the week hanging out with Emmi, her boys, and Abby and Harper.

We went to Northside to celebrate little Cassidy coming into the world(Heather- my sisters' baby)

We had Tim and Ez over to hangout.

We have been so busy! I'm excited for the summer so things will hopefully slow down!!