Monday, July 06, 2009

She's walking! she's not....Now she is!!!

Thought I'd do a little update on "Baby Adderol" as my mom calls her. Lily Kate is one happy happy baby and she's wired. At 9 1/2 months Miss Slobber started walking. She would walk across an entire room by herself. She was doing this for about a week when she was walking at church and fell completely backwards and hit her head pretty hard. That's when she refused to walk anymore. If you tried to let go of her, she would arch back or plant her feet and not move. If you tried to stand her up, she would completely lift her legs up in the air. In the meantime, she would walk around our house using the walls and furniture as props. Finally, now at 10 months, she started walking again! She'll walk back and forth between Abe and I, across a room following me, or she'll let go and walk to a toy etc. Finally I have a mobile baby!

She weighs 21lbs. 97% percentile for height and 78% for weight.
Her drug of choice: a bottle. I've got her down to three 8 oz. bottles a day. But she would definitely take more if I let her. She's very fickle with her food. She'll eat carrots one day and not the next. Frustrating. I usually have to go through three different food choices, before she'll finally eat one.
Does she crawl? No
Does she pull up? Almost...still needs a little help...have you seen the size of her legs?
For some reason, I don't have the most athletic kids. Weird since I've always considered Abe and I as athletic. But they are both talkers. Lily Kate babbles constantly ALL DAY long. And Elle talks and asks why ALL DAY LONG!

Since she hasn't been crawling like most babies, she's had lots of time to work on other important skills: like waving bye bye, she'll put her blankie over her head and play peek-a-boo. She loves to dance and clap. She LOVES to jump!! on anything! She'll scream really loud when she jumps!
She says mama, dada, bye bye, and Hey- in a deep voice while she puts her arm straight out. She resembles Hitler when she says Hey. She loves when people talk to her. When we're at the store, she'll keep saying hey in her deep hitler voice, till someone stops and talks to her. Then she's all smiles and hides her face in my chest.
More importantly:
Does she tan? Yes, a little bit, but nothing like Elle.
Does she have hair? Not much! It's white blonde and has a little tint of strawberry in the sun.

Lily Kate at 9 1/2 months (before church)

In the meantime, she walks using anything as a prop.

Lily Kate refusing to walk after church.

Now at 10 months and one day, I'd say she's officially walking again.

Lily Kate LOVES to jump on the trampoline.

Roughin' it on the Fourth

For the Fourth, we sold our Peachtree Road Race tickets and spent the day at Lake Lanier instead. My mom has decorated their boat better than most houses. You might ask, how does she get her decorations to stay in place on a boat that rocks back and forth? HOT GLUE! It's kinda funny. Her lamps don't move, her picture frames stay on the wall, etc. We spent the day at Cocktail Cove and made Elle cover her eyes the whole time. After the craziness at Cocktail Cove, we drove back to the dock, grilled out. That night we drove the boat to a different cove to watch the fireworks on the lake. It was beautiful and relaxing!

My mom and I were cleaning up the dishes after dinner. I asked if she had a garbage disposal. Her reply: "No. We don't. Kelly we're are seriously roughing it when we come to the boat. It's just like camping." As she's saying this, she's turning off the flat screen tv and turning on their suround sound music. It is a rough life.

Abe doing back flips off the top of the boat.

My mom and the girls roughin' in the kitchen.

Abe and Abelina

Elle helping PeePaw drive the boat.

Lily Kate with her cousin Lucy.

Sitting with the Captain.

Elle trying to stand up in "her room."

Elle jumping on the bed in the master bedroom.

....and nothing ever moves. Thank you hot glue!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I heart Charleston!

Charleston is by far one of the prettiest cities I've been to. I love the old oak trees, the beach, and the beautiful homes. We went to Charleston with our friends Mandy and Chad and their little girl Ella. We had so much fun venturing into the city(hottest city in the world!!!), going to the beach, visiting the local resturants, and relaxing at the condo. Thanks Mandy and Chad for a FUN weekend!!!

Paw Paw loves his little girls!!

Who is big and cuddley and would do anything for his girls?


My dad had two girls, and now has three granddaughters! I have to say, I think my dad secretly loves the fact that he has a bunch of princesses running around. PawPaw is so sweet, cuddley, and goofy with his girls. We just love being around him!!

For Father's Day, we went to his house and had some fun!!