Monday, February 09, 2009

Family Home Evenings

Abe's mom found a great book for Family Home Evenings (FHE) for young kids. It's called A Year of Family Home Evenings written by Karen Crossley and Roberta Hunter. The lessons can be prepared in under 5 minutes and uses stuff you have around your house. The lessons are written for young children.
Last week, we talked about how the scriptures are a "treasure". Elle went on a treasure hunt to find her own scriptures. The book tells you exactly what to say and gives you the primary songs to go with each lesson. This book is so easy and fun. It has really helped us to have FHE everyweek. And Elle gets so excited!!

You can get the books on Amazon. I got my used for $2.00- and it looks new!

(For those of you who don't know what FHE is, Family Home Evening (FHE) refers to one evening per week, usually Monday, that families are encouraged to spend together in study, prayer and other wholesome activities. According to the LDS Church, the purpose of FHE is to help families strengthen bonds of love with each other as well as provide an atmosphere where parents can teach their children principles of the gospel. (Copied that from Wikepedia:) )

Friday, February 06, 2009

Uncle Ez's Birthday video for Elle

So Ez make another creative video. This time, it was a birthday video for Elle. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He's so creative and funny!! The slideshow is sweet, but pay attention to the end. He used all of the toys in Gigi's basement to create the video. Pay attention to the small details. I still laugh everytime I watch it! The "blond headed Dora" is one of Elle's favorite dolls. She calls her Dora for some reason. Anyways, thanks Ez!!! You are so funny!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The past three years

Elle turning 3 has made me realize how fast time really does fly. Like where did the time go? I have to say, that the past three years have without a doubt been the best years of my life. Here are some pictures of Elle's past three birthdays!

Elle at 3 months old

Elle at 6 months old

Elle's first birthday

Elle's 2nd birthday

Elle's 3rd birthday

Monday, February 02, 2009

Elle's birthday party

We had Elle's birthday party this weekend at Jump-its in Marietta. Elle has been asking about her birthday party ever since this summer. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the questions, "Mommy is it my birthday yet?" We invited 12 of her favorite buddies. We hardly saw Elle because she was so busy playing- that's a good sign she's having a blast!!

Elle LOVES Dora! (I personally don't like Dora....she has a bad haircut, her clothes don't match, and she uses a map whereever she goes.....they should introduce Dora to GPS!) Anyways, out of unconditional love for my daughter, we had Dora EVERYTHING! Cups, plates, forks, table cloth, hats, goody bags, and a Dora birthday cake! Elle was in heaven as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. She was soaking up all the almost made me cry watching my little angel stand there as everyone sang to her. I just can't believe she's already three. It seems like yesterday, that I held her in my arms at the hospital, in awwwe of my beautiful daughter! Now she's a little girl!! Where does time go?! I wish time would freeze right now! I'm enjoying every minute of my sweet innocent Elle. She's always making me laugh and I love her innocence and sweet spirit.

Elle got way too many presents as well!! I hid half of them as soon as we got home (there in Elle's bathtub which we never use!). She got so many presents for her birthday that I'm going to bring them out one at time throughout the year!

Thank you to all our friends who showed up to celebrate Elle!! She had a FABULOUS birthday!!!!!
And to top off the perfect day, when we went to leave, my dad had paid for the party!!!! What would I do without my dad?!!! Love you Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!