Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Day

On Thursday, the girls and I drove down to Alabama to see Abe. His family day was on Friday. We spent the night in his apartment. Elle loved sleeping in her new tinker bell sleeping bag. On Friday, we were able to watch Abe fly and eat lunch with him. We also sat in a helicopter and walked to the top of the watch tower. We went out to eat and then drove home Friday night. We got home at 2:30am!! I'm exhausted!! It was neat to see what Abe does everyday. I have a whole new level of respect for him. I didn't realize how time consuming and difficult it was to fly helicopters. Abe's days are CRAZY!! He basically wakes up at 3:45am, gets to the airfield by 4:00am. Flies till lunch time. Eats lunch, then goes to class from 1:00-6:00. He comes home, grabs a bite to eat, then leaves to go study with his "study partner" a.k.a stick buddy. I get exhausted thinking about his schedule! He's such a hardworker and never complains! Good job Abe! We love you and are proud of you!

Elle's first hair cut

Well, I finally decided that Elle needed a haircut. I love long hair on little girls, so I just wanted a trim. We went to "Pigtails and Crew cuts." Its a hair cuttery place for kids. Elle did great. She sat in the airplane chair while they cut her hair. She was so busy playing that she didn't even realize they were cutting her hair. Her hair looks much better now and its still long!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lily Kates New Man!

Lily Kate has a new man. His name is Landon! He's so cute and we're hoping that one day, she won't be twice his size.

I went to see Lisa's new baby boy today. He is so cute! He has a head full of blond hair! Right now he weighs what Lily Kate weighed when we brought her home from the hospital(7lbs 13oz). She's so much bigger than him already. I didn't realize she was growing so fast!!

Anyways, we're hoping for an arranged marriage one day. Don't you think its love at first sight?

Elder Holland

Yes, that is Elder Holland standing with my family! While I was at my stepbrothers wedding in Chicago, Elder Holland came to speak in the Powder Springs Stake and stayed at the Owen's house. Abe and Elle ate lunch with him at the Owen's house. For all of who have no idea who Elder Holland is, he's basically a "mormon celebrity"(one of the twelve apostles in the LDS church)!
The second picture is of Lily Kate one week after church. She loves her daddy!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here are my little ballerinas on Halloween!!

My friend Tiffannie made Lily Kate's Tutu. It's a onsie that says Tu-Tu Cute and Sassy on the bottom. I fell in love with it and had Abe's mom make Elle a tu tu also. We went to our neighborhood parade with our neighbor and friend Jen and Andrew. Then we just trick or treated on our street. My mom watched Elle while Jen and I took Elle and Andrew trick or treating. We had a fun Halloween!!