Sunday, September 28, 2008

Surprise Baby Shower and Man on Fire

Abe told me that we were going out to eat with our friends Mandy and Chad on Saturday. So we get both the girls ready and go to meet Mandy and Chad at there house. When I walked through their door....SURPRISE!! It was a baby shower for Lily Kate! I was shocked!! The shower was sooooo much fun!! All my best friends were there and it was just fun hanging out with them. I received way too many adorable gifts! I am so thankful for my friends and I love them all soooooooo much!! Thanks Mandy and Jen for throwing the shower!! I couldn't ask for better friends!

NOW LISTEN TO THIS!! After the shower some of us decided to go get Sushi at Atami- a new sushi resturant by our house. I took Kate with me and Abe took Elle home with him. We almost sat at the hibachi table but decided not to at the last minute. We had just finished eating when we hear a loud and scary EXPLOSION! I turned around and the chef at the hibachi table was on fire! His hair, head, all the way down to his feet. The entire left side of his body was on fire. I'll never forget the look of complete terror on his poor face. I can't get it out of my head! He panics and starts running around the resturant. We all start SCREAMING! HELP him! Help him!!! Then we start yelling, stop and roll, roll!! Everyone in the resturant is screaming and crying. He's still completely on fire. He finally manages to run back to the kitchen and one of the other waiters takes his shirt off and covers him with it. We didn't see what happened after that because they were in the kitchen. He was on fire a long time....4 or 5 min. My friends and I called 911 and explained what had just happened. A few minutes later the fire truck showed up and a helicopter. They had to life flight the guy to the hospital. Apparently, when he was making the smiley face on the table with the oil, the oil bottle got too hot and exploded all over the guy. All I could think about is what if we had sat at that table......what if Lily Kate had got hurt. I felt sick to my stomach all night and couldn't sleep. Thank goodness Elle didn't come to the resturant with me. She would have been horrified! I don't know if I can ever sit at a hibachi table ever again.The only funny part of the night was Lily Kate slept through the WHOLE thing!!

Marietta Square

My mom and her friends always rent tables at the Marietta Square whenever they have their concerts. We met my mom and her friends up there this weekend. The weather was perfect! It was such a fun atmosphere!! Elle made a friend on the playground and walked around holding this girls hand on the playground. She also had fun dancing with her CRAZY grandma! Ever since Kate was born, Elle has gotten much more outgoing and much less shy. It was fun going out as a family with my TWO little girls. I still cant believe I'm old enough to have two kids! Time goes by so fast!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yay for Lily Kate!!

We took these pictures for Lily Kate's Birth Announcements. I'm in heaven with my two little girls!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And she thought we weren't watching......

Abe and I found Elle in the living room by herself.....she thought we weren't watching.

Sesame Street Live

We took Elle to see Sesame Street Live Saturday night. Maw(my grandma) heard about it on the radio and offered to watch Lily Kate and pay for the tickets if we would take Elle. I hesitated at first because Kate is only 1 week old, I'm breastfeeding, I can't even fit into my jeans, I mean this time last week I was still in the hospital. But, Elle really loves Sesame Street and Lily Kate couldn't be in better hands than Maw. So, we decided to take Elle. I have to admit that it was really nice to get out of the house and Maw was in heaven being able to hold a sleeping baby all night. We had fun and Elle loved singing and dancing with Elmo!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Introducing Lily Kate Owen

We are sooooo excited to welcome Lily Kate into our family!! We are going to call her Lily Kate or just Kate.

I'm going to post these pictures as fast as I can. Both my girls are alseep right now, and Lily Kate will probably wake up any minute!!

Kate was born by C-Section on Thursday Sept. 4th. She weighed 7lbs 13 oz. 20 inches long.

My surgery was supposed to start at 12:45, but we had to delay it for 2 1/2 hours because I ate a thing of yogurt that morning.....I was starving!! I didn't know they would put off surgery for it! I don't see how they expect a pregnant girl to go till 1:00 without eating anyways! I thought I was going to pass out I was so hungry. I didn't think a little yogurt would hurt. I was known as the "yogurt girl" at Northside for the day. The epidural didn't hurt at all. I was TERRIFIED of the epidural, because last time my epidural was the WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE! My C-Section went great and Abe was able to tell me- IT's a GIRL!! I had several girl dreams during my pregnancy. The girl in my dreams had a perfect little face and blond hair. Lily Kate literally looked like the little girl I was dreaming about. CRAZY!! I never had pregnancy dreams when I was pregnant with Elle. Anyways, She was starving as soon as she came out (probably because they wouldn't let me eat all morning!!). I fed her when she was only 3o minutes old. My whole family was waiting for us when we came out of the recovery room. Elle loves her little sister and keeps giving her kisses. Lily Kate looks exactly like Abe looked as an infant. We are in love with our new little girl!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lily Kate Owen

Well here she is, Kelly wanted me to post some of her before I went back up to the hospital this morning. She was born Thursday afternoon at about 2:45 at Northside hospital in Atlanta, she weighed 7lbs 13ozs and is a little more than 20ins long.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just the two of us

Today was a fun and bittersweet day. While I'm sooooo excited to meet our new little baby and hold it in my arms, I'm also a little sad that today was the last day of just Elle and I. She's been my best little friend and tags along with me whereever I go. I will miss it being "just the two of us". So, I tried to make today as special as I could for Elle. I told her we would do whatever she wanted to do today AND she didn't have to take a nap(that was her favorite part of the day!) To start the day, we went jumping with her friends Brooklyn and Ella. Then we went to Chick-fil-A with Grammommy and Brooklyn and played on the playground for an hour. After Chick-Fil-A, we went to get our nails done. We both got our nails and toes painted. Thankfully, my mom was there to help Elle keep her hands and feet still at the same time!! My mom held her feet and I held her hands! I just kept telling Elle, "Beauty is Pain". She did great and LOVED every minute of it. She LOVED her sparkly nails and toes. After we got our nails done, we went to the doctor for the last time and listened to the babies heartbeat. Elle loves to help the doctor find the baby's heartbeat! Finally, we came home and Elle watched Bambi and played(while I layed on the couch EXHAUSTED!). Then we took Marley for a long walk and played outside. It was an exhausting day(for me), but I treasured each moment with Elle! She was such a good girl today and I loved every minute of our special day together.