Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elle's Big Sister Class

We took Elle to a "Big Sister Class" at Northside hospital. The class was for 3-6 year olds, but Elle seemed to fit in okay (she's 2 1/2). The class was so cute. The kids sat at a big table by themselves while the parents were allowed to watch from the side of the room. Elle learned how to change diapers, wrap the baby in a blanket, and hold the baby. We even got to go see the new babies in the hospital Nursery. Elle paid attention the whole hour. I think she was in heaven learning how to "play with babies"!

Elle "trying" to act like a 3 year old while waiting on the class to start!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My C-Section is scheduled!!

I decided to have a c-section instead of doing a VBAC. After researching VBACS and talking to a friend who works in labor and devlivery at Northside, I don't think I'm a good candidate for VBAC. The uterus can rupture during a VBAC and can cause brain damage to the baby or can cause me to loose my uterus. The uterus rupturing is not common, but its not uncommon. My friend who works at Northside said that she has seen several uterus' rupture. I think If I had had a C-section because my baby was breach or because the baby was in Fetal Distress, I'd feel good about doing a VBAC. But since Elle was 9'6 at two weeks early, I was in labor for 24hrs (on petocin) and only dilated to a four, and Elle still had a cone head- it just shows that I have a smaller birth canal and can't birth bigger babies. The bigger the baby and the longer I'm in labor, the more risk I would have of ruptering my uterus. ANYWAYS, its just not worth the risk to me. I feel so much better inside since I made the decision to do a c-section. SO.....we scheduled my C-Section for Thursday Sept. 4 at 12:45. We're very excited and can't wait to see what is inside of me!! A boy? or a girl? I still think I'm having a girl. We'll See!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Elle LOVE'S Milk

I was drinking some milk the other day out of the jug. While I was drinking, Elle was watching, she told me she wanted some, so I went to get her a cup be she said she didn't want one, so here you go.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Aquarium

My dad took Elle and I to the aquarium this past Friday. Elle was so excited that she woke up at 7:00am Friday morning and came running in my room with her blue dress and her sandels in her hands, saying "wake up Mommy, Let's go."

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of fish. They just swim around....they're slimy and they smell bad. I was excited to go though, just to watch Elle look at all the fish. It was fun watching my dad with Elle. Elle wanted my dad to hold her the whole time, she was constantly saying, "Hold me Paw PAw" while reaching up to him. My sweet dad took her everywhere she told him to go. Thankfully, she'd look at the fish for about 10 seconds and then say, "I wanna see sumdin else." We finished the entire aquarium in about a couple of hours! It was great considering my dad and I were exhausted!

My dad took her to the aquarium store and told Elle that he would buy her a toy.....Elle did not want to buy ANYTHING!! I have no idea where she gets this from. She just wants to look at the toys and not buy them. We FINALLY convinced her to let my dad buy her the stuffed animal DEEPO fish. The fish looks just like NEMO, so that's who Elle thinks it is. Since we bought the fish, Elle takes it with her everywhere she goes.....upstairs, downstairs, to bed, to eat, to watch TV, in the car, etc.

It's was a fun day with Elle and my dad at the aquarium. Thanks Dad!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School!

School has started once again. This year I am teaching EIP (Early Intervention Program). You basically help the struggling readers to read better. I do have to say, so far its my FAVORITE teaching job EVER!!! I get to work with kids all day, but I don't have the everyday stressors that a homeroom teacher has. I'm sharing a "cottage" (AKA Trailor) with another friend and EIP teacher. I love the cottage because I can go outside during the day and I have windows which I've never had before. The best part of the school year is that I'm working part time!! FINALLY!! I work Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Wednesday. It still feels really weird to wake up during the week and not have to go to work...but I'm sure I'll learn to get used to that! Here are a few pictures of my side of the cottage.

PS. I sewed that fancy curtain.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Beach and Enterprise Alabama

This past weekend Elle and I went to see Abe at Fort Rucker. We stayed in Abe's apartment for a night and then headed for the beach for the weekend.

While we were in Enterprise, we went to the water park in Dothan. Elle loved the wave pool and kids pool.

Yes, I have braved a bikini my entire pregnancy! I bought a maternity tankini at the beginning of the summer but Abe said he liked the bikini better. So I have a BIG fat TAN belly. Here I am 8 months pregnant.

We took Elle to play putt putt. She LOVED it. She would hit the ball and then pick it up and put it right next to the hole, then she would putt it in.

We also took Elle to Gulf World. It was fun watching Elle look at all the animals. She loved the exotic birds. One of the birds said, "Hey Baby" to Elle. We saw dolphins, sharks, massive turtles, exotic birds, sea lions, alligators, and pengiuns. We even got to pet stingrays!

Watching the sharks.

Elle loves to kiss my belly. She always asks me when its coming out. She's ready to be a big sister!!