Monday, July 28, 2008

Hooter Hiders (aka Nursing Covers)

As many of you know, I learned how to sew this summer. Ever since I sewed the bedding for our nursery, I discovered that there are limitless possibilities of things I can sew.

Many of you know about hooter hiders
It's a cover you put around your neck when you nurse so no one can see your hooters. They looked pretty easy to make so I decided to make myself one. Then I found I couldn't stop making them. I have made about 10 of them now that I have given away as baby shower presents or to friends who are nursing. They're fun and easy to make. I wish I had pictures of all the ones I made- but here are a few that I have now. I enjoy making them, so if you want me to make you one just let me know!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good way to see if your friend is a wuss or not.

The Zoo

Elle and I went to the zoo with my friend Diane and her little boy Landon. Elle loved looking at all the animals. She especially loved the monkey- who doesn't?! Elle gets frightened very easily. She asked me several times before we went to the zoo if the lion was going to bite us. She hated the choo choo train. She was terrified of the carasoul at first, but once it started going she liked it. It was an exhausting day, but lots of fun!!

Doesn't Diane look like Sandra Bullock?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The nursery

The nursery is finished! I had so much fun decorating it and getting ready for the baby. I'm very impulsive and fast when it comes to decorating. It took me 3 hours to paint it (including moving the furniture) and less than a day to find all the "safari" decorations. It helped that Abe wasn't home to tell me to slow down. I worked like a mad women till it was finished and drove to the store several times in one day because I was too impulsive to wait. Elle was very patient with me everytime I told her to get back in the car. It helps that she likes to shop as much as I do!! Hopefully, it looks gender neutral!!

Abe surprised me with this drawer from Pier 1. I found a wrapped present in our laundry room after he left on Sunday. He said he wanted to get me something for the nursery. I'm seriously impressed! Good taste Abe!

80's Party

Our friend John and Brie had an 80's party for John's 30th birthday. I'm never good at dressing up for these kind of parties. I always wait till the last minute to find something to wear and I don't pull it off. I found a cute outfit in Elle's closet that look kindof 80's ish....okay, maybe it was more 70's, but it was cute nontheless. She wasn't crazy about wearing her orange outfit. She said, "Mommy, I don't like it. I look like a nerd." Regardless, it was fun looking at everyone else and hanging out. Happy Birthday John!!

Caught having a tea party in the bathroom!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Abe by Abe

First, I just want to say Kelly does a really good job of letting everyone know what I've been doing and what I'm doing next. Well when I first got down here, I didn't do a whole lot, I was basically waiting. So the first thing I did was in processing for about a week, then I did Dunker training see old post, waited for a few weeks, then went to survival school, that was fun and interesting. Thinking I was going to be put on a hold status till July 22nd to start another training phase, I actually found out I would be starting that training phase this past Tuesday(8th). This phase of death by power point will last till the 25th of July. Once I'm done with this phase, I will actually start flying. I will learn to fly TH-67's( This training phase will last for about five months. Then I will probably wait for a few weeks or a few months till I start the advanced aircraft phase. For me that will be UH-60 or Black Hawks( I'm pretty excited for that part. If your asking why all the waiting, it's pretty simple but very complicated. Basically there's tons of flight school students; made up of mostly warrant officers and second lieutenants and there's only so many flight instructors and aircraft's, so you end up waiting quite a bit. Waiting around stinks but I can't complain because I am getting paid. Which means sometimes I am getting paid to play golf about once a week or go to the pool and read a book. And I just wanted to say that I have the most thoughtful wife in world, when I went home last week she made me meals that were already ready, all I had to do was keep them frozen and just heat them up when I wanted to eat them. It's hard being away from Kelly and Elle all week, I love going home on the weekend to see them, Kelly makes our home feel so good when I am there.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Abe came home!!!!

Abe finished his "survival school" this past Sunday. It was SO GOOD to hear his voice on the phone after not talking to him for three weeks. He sounded happy and in good spirits. I think the hardest part was just not being able to talk to him or hear his voice. It was a very lonely three weeks-- Even though I'm surrounded by the BEST family and friends EVER, it's just not the same. Abe's room mate told me that Abe would have to stay at Fort Rucker the week after Survival School, so Elle and I decided to surprise him. We were going to drive down there without telling him early Monday morning. On Sunday, I was busy packing, etc. to get ready to go. I was talking to Abe on the phone the whole time I was packing, praying that I wouldn't slip up and ruin our surprise. Abe said he had to get off the phone for a second and that he'd call me back, then a minute later he walked through the door!! I was shocked!!!! It took me a second to register that he was actually standing right in front of me!! It was so good to see him and I was totally surprised and relieved that I didn't have to finish packing. He was originally planning on staying with us Sunday-Wednesday, but Monday afternoon, he got a phone call saying he had to go back because there was a change in plans and they were starting another training class on Tuesday morning. The military is SO MEAN and INCONSIDERATE!!!! I really don't like the military right now!!! I'm happy that we at least got to see Abe for a day though. We went swimming and out to eat with his family. We'll hopefully get to see him this weekend....right Abe???!!!!!!!!! I hope so because I'm still having Abe withdrawls!!!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Lately I've been obsessed (along with ALL of my friends) with the book Twilight and the other books in the series. If you havn't read it, Go GET IT NOW!!! It's incredible!! I'm not even much of a reader, but once I started this book I literally couldn't put it down. My laundry didn't get folded, Elle watched endless cartoons, and we didn't leave the house until I was finished. The third book (Eclipse) came with iron-on t-shirt stickers. One said Team Edward and one said Team Jacob. At first I thought, of course I'll do the team Edward sticker....but the more I thought about it.....I think I might just be a TEAM JACOB. Yes, I said it, Team Jacob. Before I lose any friends over this, just let me explain myself.

I put myself in Bella's shoes. This is just what I think I would do if I were Bella.

1.The passion between Bella and Edward is undeniable. But, passion like that fades. It's like they are still in the newlywed stage. I think if she chose to become a vampire and miss out on having a family, she would regret it.
2. Motherhood is my greatest source of happiness. Bella could be a mom if she chose Jacob. I mean, can you imagine not ever having your babies? She doesn't need to miss out on that!! Life would be unfulfilling!
3. Edward is cold. I HATE being cold. Jacob is hot and could keep me warm.
4. I'm a dog lover.
5. Jacob and Bella are best friends. I think you need to be able to be best friends with the person you spend the rest of your life with. And it kind of reminds me of Abe and I when we were just friends. When the passionate kissing is over, you still have your best friend.
6. Edward is too serious. Jacob is more ligh-hearted and goofy. I love guys that can make me laugh. Life just seems like it would be more fun with Jacob. He makes her laugh.
7. Jacob has a tan and Edward is butt white.
8. My great-grandma is full-blooded Cherokee I have indian ties anyway.
9. If Jacob ever lost his temper and hurt Bella she could call Dr. Rey(Dr. 90210) and get some plastic surgery. You would never even be able to tell anything happened. If Edward hurt her, he would kill her.
10. I like tall guys. Jacob is tall.
11. Edward is too clingy. That would drive me crazy.
12. If she chose Edward, she couldn't ever go out to eat more chips and dip, no more smoothies, sushi, etc. How boring would that be!! What would you do when you hang out with your friends?
13. Jacob is not going to be a werewolf forever. Edward will always be a vampire.
14. Jacob hardly ever gets mad. He's always happy and in a good mood. Edward has a temper and is dramatic.
15. Jacob likes to live life more. He drives a motorcycle, jumps off cliffs, and is willing to do anything to have a fun time. Edward refuses to do anything fun because someone might get hurt. He's overprotective.
16. Jacob loves the beach and being outside. Edward has to live in a dreary cold place and he can't go outside. If she chose Edward, she could say goodbye to Florida and the Beach! She will never know how much fun Royal Caribbean is!
17. Jacob has been there for her through thick and thin. He's stood by her side no matter what- he's willing to be just her friend just to have her in his life- even though he's desperately in love with her and it kills him when she's with Edward.
18. Bella doesn't have to change who she is to be with Jacob.

So those are just a couple of reasons why I think I am team Jacob. Don't get me wrong, I think Edward is a great guy, but, he's just not for me. What team are you on?!!!!!