Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Five Year Anniversary/ I need ideas!!

I can't believe how fast time flies!! It seems like yesterday that Abe was just getting off his mission and I was praying that he would want to marry me. Thankfully, he did and now we're about to have two kids!!! June 21st was our five year anniversary. Since Abe is at his "Survival School", he couldn't be with me or call me on our anniversary. But, he did surprise me with a dozen red roses!! It was totally unexpected, which made it that much more special. I spent our anniversary with his parents. They were so sweet to take me and Elle to dinner and to get icecream. I am thankful that I have the world's best in-laws!! They are always thinking of me and doing things to help us. I'll finally get to see Abe July 11th. We'll celebrate our anniversary then. I wanted to do something special for him when he comes home since its our anniversary and since he hasn't been home in 5 weeks. I want surprise him by doing something thoughtful/romantic but something that doesn't cost a lot of money(we're on a budget). Does anyone have any good ideas? My pregnancy brain is limiting my creativity and I need some help!!

I went to dinner with Jodie and Derek last week. Derek is my step-brother and Jodie is his wife. They are always fun to hang out with and Jodie is one of the coolest girl I know!! Anyways, we maturely planned our pregnancies together. She's due a couple weeks after I'm due. She's having a little girl and they are going to name her Lucy. Isn't that cute?! I'm so excited that Elle is finally going to have a cousin in Georgia!!!! Here we are 7 months pregnant.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just call me Domestic!

I am officially domestic!! I sewed the bedding for our new baby! I've never sewn in my life....not even buttons. Literally. I knew exactly what I wanted for the bedding for the nursery, but I couldn't find it anywhere. So, I was forced to make it myself. The hardest part, was learning how to thread the stupid sewing machine. My sister had to come show me how. Once I figured that out, the rest wasn't so bad. Please don't look carefully, there are a TON of mistakes!!

The nursery is almost finished. All it needs is some paint on the walls! I'll post pictures as soon as its finished.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Abe's last weekend at home...for a month.

As you know, Abe's going to flight school in Alabama. So far, he's been able to come home every weekend. Elle and I LOVE when Abe's at home. He makes the small things more fun. Our house becomes a home again. I can't stop telling him how much I love him being home...towards the end of the weekend he's like, "I know!!! You've told me 20 million times!" Anyways, on Father's Day he leaves for survival school. It's basically where he will learn how to survive in the woods.....and it's really intense! We won't be able to talk to him on the phone for 21 days and we won't see him for about a month. He'll be gone during Fathers Day, the 4th or July, and our five year anniversary!! Hopefully, no toilet's will overflow and I won't run into the garage door this time. And I've been very careful lately not to put diesal gas in my Elle and I should be fine. We will miss him though!!!

Stone Mountain

Last weekend we went to Stone Mountain with Lisa, Ramone, and their baby Chase. We got there early and had a picnic and got Dip-n-dots. As the show was starting, I was pretty sure that Chase would start crying because of the fireworks, etc. I was thinking to myself, I'm glad Elle's finally old enough to enjoy stuff like this......ha ha ha!! As soon as the show started, Elle started crying and held onto me like someone was trying to take her. She kept saying she wanted to go home.....and Chase just sat in Lisa's lap very calmly and watched the show. We made it through the Laser Show and Elle was very excited to go home. She had fun before and after the Laser show....just not so much during it!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Lazy Marley and Elle's New Sandbox

I've decided to stop running since I'm 7 months pregnant. I ran during my whole pregnancy with Elle, and I ended up having her 2 weeks early. Since I want to keep this baby in me as long as I can, I decided to just take it easy and not do anything strenuous. So, I've started walking my running route. I thought Marley would love to get out of the house and walk with Elle and I..... halfway through our walk, Marley decided to quit. She just layed down on the sidewalk and refused to walk. Thankfully, Elle wanted to walk, so Elle let Marley use her stroller. Elle loved pushing Marley through the neighborhood in her stroller. We got a lot of funny looks from other was pretty cute though.

Elle asked PawPaw(my dad) to build her a sandbox. A week later, Elle had a brandnew sandbox of her own!! My dad built her a sandbox and carved cute buckets on the side. He put Elle's name in one bucket and left the other bucket blank.....our new baby's name will go there(isn't that thoughtful!)!! Elle LOVES playing in her sandbox. She will literally play in it for hours. We are keeping it at Maw's house. I think Maw's the only one with enough patience to sit outside with Elle for hours while she plays in the sand. It was so sweet and thoughtful of my dad to build Elle a sandbox. Elle's a lucky girl to have her PawPaw!!

Elle's favorite swimming partner

Elle LOVES to go swimming with her Daddy!! He throws her around in the pool, swims with her, and plays silly games with her in the pool. We recently went to Panama City Beach for the day (its a couple hours from Fort Rucker-where Abe is going to flight school). Elle LOVED playing in the sand and in the waves. She would yell at the waves, "Don't you get me!" Then she would scream and laugh each time the waves 'got her'. Elle and I have been going to the pool almost everyday this summer. It is fun, but not nearly as fun as when Abe comes with us. When Abe comes to the pool with us, she wants nothing to do with me. She LOVES playing in the pool with her goofy Daddy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I was listening to Q100 this morning in the car. They were talking about brestfeeding and how old is too old. I was shocked when they said there was a 8 year old girl in Europe who still breastfeeds. Personally, I think it's disgusting and weird.....They had the video documentary on the Q100 website. Don't watch it if you get grossed out easily. DISCLAIMER: It does show a breast because this 8 year old girl is breastfeeding!!! I mean, I know your supposed to breastfeed for at least a year, but is it normal to breastfeed after that? 8 years old people!! GROSS!!!!