Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm in shock that Christmas is really over! It came and went sooooo fast. Its funny how much preparation goes into one day, making sure you have the perfect gifts, the perfect food, etc. As much as I stress about making everything perfect for my family on Christmas, I know that the only thing that matters is that we're together. I felt so blessed Christmas morning, cuddling with my sweet Lily Kate and watching Elle, fascinated by all her toys, while thanking Santa. Nothing in life brings me more joy than my girls and my Abe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My step sister in law Jodie with her Lucy, and me and Lily Kate.

It's a family joke, trying to get my mom to take a good picture.... here are just a FEW of the MANY pictures we took trying to get a good one of my mom. We love you mom!!

Yes, I'm still breastfeeding, but I do occasionally pump and give Lily Kate a bottle. She was sooooo hungry on this day she didn't want to wait for me to hold the bottle for her.

Christmas morning with Aunt Heather opening yet another Little Mermaid Doll.

Elle feeding her Little Mermaid using her Hooter Hider with Aunt Jodie and Lucy. She "needed her privacy."

In her new dress up clothes singing on her new karoke machine.

YEa!! for Christmas!!

Even Lily Kate loved her toy!!

I promise I don't play favorite with the girls, but I hesitated to buy LK much for Christmas because she's so young. I had to ethically, but honestly, she's happy as long as she's fed. Next year, things will be different. This is all Santa brought LK for Christmas.......

and this is what Santa brought Elle. (Doesn't include wrapped presents). I bought too much again. I won't do this next year.

We reinacted The Christmas Story with the girls one night for FHE. Elle was Mary and LK was
a wise man. Doesn't she look wise?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Abe the Plumber

Yes, it happened again. Elle clogged our toilet....AGAIN! I was in the living room playing with Lily Kate when Abe started screaming "Go get some towels NOW! The toilets over flowing!!" I ran upstairs- Elle was in the bathroom- I yelled at her, "Elle get out of the bathroom and go to bed!" I stopped our washing machine then ran downstairs and stopped the water just in time to save our carpet. Abe got the wet vacuum and started vacumming up all the water. The water was a couple inches high and it was disgusting!! Just disgusting! I won't even describe- it was just gross. We used every towel we owned cleaning up the sewage in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Lily Kate started crying to eat and Elle was upstairs in her room crying. While I calmed Elle down and fed Lily Kate, Abe wiped up all the water from the floor. All I could say over and over was "Thank you God for letting Abe be home!" "Thank you for letting Abe be home." And my friends across the street Jay and Jenn (who helped me clean it up last time this happened) we also saying, "Thank you God for letting Abe be home!" We tried EVERYthing to unclog the toilet, a plunger, hanger, etc. nothing worked. We said a quick prayer that we could unclog it on our own and then Abe ran to walmart and bought every plumbing tool they had....none of them worked. Finally, he opened the third and final plumbing tool they had. It blasts air through the toilet-it didnt work either. I started getting numbers and looking at prices for plumbers in disgust. We can't afford a plumber and especially one of Christmas Eve! I was sick to my stomach. In desperation, Abe just kept blasting the toilet over and over. Then, out of no where, the last blast worked! It was music to our ears!! The toilet flushed!! We were so excited. I can't tell you how romantic it was! My husband unclogged our toilet and saved us hundreds of dollars! Its funny how things like this become romantic after 5 years of marriage!! "Thank you God for letting Abe be home!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread House

Elle and I made a gingerbread house today. I love Christmas time!! I love listening to the music, making things, and the smells of candles and christmas trees! Since Abe wasn't home, we blasted Christmas music, made a huge mess making the gingerbread house, and ate most of the candy that was supposed to go on the house. Lily Kate was content to just watch us. I love my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily Kates Blessing

We also blessed Lily Kate while we were in Califoria. She looked beautiful in her long white dress that Gigi made. We also blessed Emmi's baby Devon on the same day.
It was a special day to have the everyone there on the day of their blessings.


The month of November was CRAZY for us! We were out of town most weekends. I think I've finally recovered enough to make a post about our vacations! We were in Chicago for my stepbrothers wedding, then to Alabama for Abe's family day, and then we went to California for a week for Thanksgiving.

All of Abe's brothers and sisters were in California with their families. We had so much fun just hanging out with them and watching Elle play with all her cousins. We took way too many pictures while we were there so I will just post a few of my favorites.

Elle and Summer modeling their new princess crowns made out of pipecleaners.

BabyFest 2008!! Emmi and Abby had their babies in July and I had LilyKate in Sept. Add Addie to the mix and you have four babies all born within a year! Good luck finishing your bunny blankets GiGi!

My newest obsession is dressing my girls alike. Here is one of their many outfits that match.

Abby with Harper and Me with Lily Kate

Elle and Hayden at Thanksgiving dinner.

Abby Ryan and Harper

Gigi and Papa with their NINE grandkids!

Chris Emmi Hayden and Devon

Our little family

The Original Owen Family

We took Elle, Hayden, and Summer to the Zoo while we were there. They were the three muskateers all weekend.

We also celebrated Abe's 28th birthday while we were there. Happy birthday Abe.