Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kelly's Guy Friends

Since we don't have many new pictures to post of us, I thought I would post some pictures of some of Kelly's cool guy friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last Day at Pool and Playing in the Yard

This past weekend was the last day our neighboorhood pool was open so we got some good pictures and a very short video of me going down our slide, we didn't realize how much memory was left on the card. Don't ask me why we didn't just use our video camera that was at our chairs. We also got some good videos of Elle and I playing dodge ball last night outside. Elle really isn't that good at dodge ball a matter of fact she's terrible. She gives me no competition. And like our friends Brad and Jessica we found a stray cat near our house, here are few pictures of it. Elle loves playing with it. We hope to take it to a no kill cat shelter this saturday, so if you know anybody that wants a black kitten let us know.
This slide is so much fun, if you get in a cannonball position you will spin around forever.

It's pouncing!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Running Scenery

When Kelly and I lived with her Dad, I think my favorite thing about living there was the terrain for running. Having grown up very close to her Dad's house I was very familiar with all the roads. I can pretty much say I've ran all over Powder Springs. One day I got the idea it would be cool to run from Johnny's Barbecue to Acworth. So I just ran down New Macland, onto Lost Mountain, onto Mars Hill, and stopped at Cobb Pkwy (US HWY 41). It was actually a pretty nice run, it was a long run day. Well our new neighborhood is called Seven Hills and the name isn't very accurate because there are a lot more than seven hils. I went out other day with Kelly and Elle and we took some pictures of the scenery of where I run sometimes. This first one is the very front of our neighborhood if you follow that radio tower(?)all the way down you can see a blurry house, that's our house. So to get out of the neighborhood you have run up this hill. The other two are just hilly roads towards the back of the neighborhood.

In this next one you can notice the transmission line tower towards the right hand side of the picture in the middle, I am about level with the top of it.

Sometimes I'll get off the streets for a few minutes and do some.....cross country running. These transmission lines go throught the neighborhood in a way but aren't really close to anybody's house, every now and then you see little kids on their small motorcycles going these easements to ride around (an easement is an area that is cleared out for transmission lines and gas lines).

The next four are just showing some a little more views, the one with the wooden fence is where I come out to meet back up with the street.

These last five are when I'm on my way home, this is where it gets really steep.

It's only about a four mile run, but after the first half mile it is literally up and down the hills the whole time. But the scenery isn't so bad.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Time Flies!

It seems like yesterday when my dad took my sister Heather and I to the zoo. He took us all the time. It's so fun now, to do the things with Elle that I did as a kid. My dad sent this picture to me after we took Elle to the zoo. It's a picture of Heather and I on WilliBee when we were kids. Fun memories!

The Ringling Bros. Circus

My neighbor and I went to the Ringling Bros. Circus a few weekends ago. She has a son that is one year older than Elle. Elle absolutely LOVES Andrew! She's always looking out our window and yelling for him. Anyways, we took them to the circus. We went early so they could go backstage and look at the animals. But when we got there, the only animals they had were elephants and horses. Growing up, I remembered tigers, lions, monkeys, etc. That was kind of disappointing. After that we bought them snow cones and cotton candy. My stepdad got the tickets from his company, so we got to stay in his company suite. We had an awesome view, free food, and free drinks! Elle LOVED watching the horses and elephants do AMAZING tricks! But honestly, Elle and Andrew had the most fun running around in the halls during the show. They both were acting so goofy. It was so much fun to watch them together.