Tuesday, June 26, 2007

16 roses

Last Saturday morning I woke up and found a rose by my bed and a note from Abe. He hid 16 roses around the house. Next to each rose was a reason that he loved me. I found roses in sinks, in cabinets, on light fixtures, on toilets, etc. This was the sweetest gift Abe has ever gotten me!! He really makes me feel loved and appreciated. I love you too Abe!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Brooks

Our friend Brooks had a seventies themed birthday party for his 30th birthday.

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's cool to wear two bows

I used to fight with Elle to get her to keep her bows in. I was very consistant about making her wear her bows. I have to say I won that battle. Now, when her bow falls out, she'll come to me and say "bow help"- so I'll put her bow back in. Today she decided that she likes two bows. If you try to take one of them out, she goes into baby tantrum mode.

This is what Elle does while I get ready

I love the summer and being able to stay at home with Elle! We have established our routine. In the mornings while I get ready for the day, Elle goes in her room, picks out her clothes, and puts them on her head. Then she runs to the mirror to see what it looks like. She stands there and just looks at herself in the mirror, laughs, dances, etc. Then she goes back to her room to see what else she can put on her head. By the time I'm finished getting ready her entire wardrobe is on the floor.