Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jessica's baby shower

This weekend, me and my friend Ryan threw a baby shower for our friend Jessica at my house. To look at pictures go to

Elle loved playing with the balloons at the shower. She thought it was so funny to hit people in the head with the balloons. She thought it was even funnier when Ez was hitting her in the head with the balloon. Check out the video!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The "twos" of Abe

2 things you compliment him on while in his presence:
- How cute he is
- how sweet he is to me and Elle
2 compliments you make about him to your friends:
-he's very clean- he'll just start sweeping the floor without me asking, etc.
-he never gets mad

2 traits you married him for:
-the way that he loves me
-he understands why I need to get my hair done, nails done, get new clothes, etc.
2 days you cherish being together:
-Our wedding day, words cant describe how beautiful and emotional it was in the temple.
-The day Elle was born

2 material things you could give him if you just inherited a fortune:
-model airplane that he could fly
-a new lexus that he could drive to work.

2 things you would miss the most if he left for two weeks:-
-Who would walk Marley?
-Seeing him every night.
2 thoughts that crossed your mind when you first met/saw him:-
-"Whats his name, Eddie Bauer?"
-"His butt is kind of cute in jeans"
2 favorite dates:- going to the sundial for our six month anniversary when we were dating, going to chops and the nutcracker (my memory is really bad!)

2 funny/odd things you love about him:
-how he tries to sing songs to Elle and he sounds so bad that Elle starts crying
-when he tries to dance
2 places you have lived together:- kennesaw and dallas

2 favorite vacations:- Our honey to the Atlantis in the bahamas and the cruise to the carribbean.
2 favorite future vacations you look forward to:- more cruises and trips to the beach.
2 things you look forward to doing together later in life:- holding hands when we're 70 and living in a senior center on the beach while going to art classes, walking on the beach, playing bingo with our elderly friends, etc.
I love you Abe!!

Atlanta Zoo

Today we took Elle to the zoo for the first time. We all had a lot of fun and we were exhausted by the time we left!

Riding the train.

Elle LOVED the carasoul!! She thought it was so funny when we would pass Abe.

She also loved the playground. She has no fear at all when it comes to slides.


Elle yelling "No No" to the zebras.

Our little monkey!

Elle loved the monkey's!! She wanted to hold them so bad. She kept yelling "monkey" like they were supposed to come to her like marley does.

The Petting Zoo

Friday, July 13, 2007

Day Family Reunion in Colorado

Abe and I got back from our cruise on a Sunday night around 5:00. I left the next morning for Abe's family reunion in Colorado. Abe couldnt go because he had to work. This is the first time I've traveled with Elle by myself and on an airplane. She was perfect though!! She slept on the airplane and didnt cry one time. I loved traveling with Elle. Even though she was extremely clingy, I loved spending so much time with her. I felt like she was attatched to me like velcro....and I loved every minute of it.

Elle and Hayden look like twins together. They walked around the whole time holding hands. It was so cute! We didnt even tell them to hold hands- they just did it on their own.

The Owen Family (minus Abe)

The Day Family (Abe's mom's brother's family)

The Steele Family (Abe's mom's sister's family)

I presented Abe's dad with his father's day present in front of the whole family since it was kind of sentimental. It was a shirt with my picture and it said, "My Favorite." All the other in-law's seem to think they're the favorite in-law....I just wanted to make it official that I am in fact the FAVORITE in law. He wore the shirt with pride...need I say more?

Hayden feeding Elle her breakfast. He was so cute! As he was putting it in his mouth he would say, "Choo Choo".

While in Colorado, we went to Garden of the God's. It was basically really big rocks.

Hanging out in the lodge.

more cruise pictures!!

We took this picture for Abe's brother Zach. The ship was made in Finland where he served his mission.
Playing putt putt.

Abe and I saw this girl on the cruise and thought she was so pretty. So I ran up to her one night and asked her if she had a boyfriend and told her that I had a cute step-brother. I introduced her to Harrison......and lets just say they really hit it off. They look cute together dont they? Too bad she lives in Seattle!

Hanging out on deck.

One night at dinner, all the boys parted their hair like Steven. They looked so funny!

Me, Laura, and Jodie

OOPS!! We look like twins!

more cruise pictures

Dancing before shame!

They make me laugh till my stomach hurts!

Spit balls at dinner....

Bustin' out the dodge ball medals at dinner.

I loved walking on the deck with Abe at night. It was so romantic!!

Me and my sis!

My mom and Steven before dinner.

BlowFish races in the can only blow out with your mouth and use your feet. You cant use your hands. Looks like Harry's in the lead.

More fun at dinner...

The dining room.

Playing volleyball in Haiti.

Labadee, Haiti

Formal night. The whole family.

Goofing around before dinner....

Laying out on the boat... my favorite thing about the cruise.