Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pea Water

I usually feed Elle her dinner while I cook or clean up in the kitchen. Today, I look over and notice something green was floating in her water....Elle was putting her peas in her water and then drinking the water. Pea Water!! Gross Elle!! I guess she was killing two birds with one stone.

Hanging around the house

Its so funny to watch Elle pretend to talk on the phone. She talks 90 miles/minute saying Who knows what! She has this funny fake laugh when she's on the phone. She'll stop walking, laugh, then continue to walk and talk. I guess I just need to get this on video.

Talking on the phone.

Brushing our teeth before bed.

Elle licking water off her high chair....She's hanging out with Marley too much.

I LOVE how Elle smells after a bath!!

Best Friends: Elle and Marley playing in the office.

She's got style

So we were shopping in Banana Republic the other day. Elle was out of her strolling looking at clothes with me. I took my eyes off her for two seconds and notice her admiring herself in the mirror with a hat on. It was so funny. I have to say, the girl has style. The hat was sooo cute. I would have bought it if it didnt cost $85.

So much to blog- so little time

I think my thumb is turning a shade of green. I have my first real plant. REAL. I've never really had a live plant before. Growing up, my mom always bought fake plants. You dont have to water them, they dont need sunlight, and they last forever. It kind of seems like a waste of money to buy real plants that will just die soon anyway.

A mom in my class gave me this flower for an end of the year gift. I have no idea what its called, but its really pretty. So far I have taken really good care of it. I check on it everyday to make sure its still alive and kickin. So far so good. I wonder how long I can make it live....when it dies I'm going to buy a fake one that looks just like it!

Memorial Day



On memorial day, we went on the boat with some friends. We had so much fun. For those of you who dont know, the last time Abe and I went on a boat, I got up on the wake board no problem, and Abe never could figure it out. Well this weekend, he finally did it! He's still not as good as me, but he did a really good job!

Elle's friends Brooklyn and Ella.

Walk for Autism

A couple of weekends ago, we attended Atlanta's Walk for Autism. My friends daughter, Jenna was diagnosed with Autism a few months ago. Team Jenna raised over $5500 and had 55 walkers. It was fun spending time with friends while supporting this great cause.


Team Jenna

Elle was so tired!

Ez entertaining Elle and everyone else.

Water Break

Friday, May 18, 2007

Playgroup at the Playground

Last Tuesday, our playgroup went to our playground at Seven Hills. Elle LOVES our playground! We go there probably three times a week. The playground has a playground for bigger kids and a playground for toddlers. It has swings, a huge sandbox, a mini rock climbing wall, a see saw, tire swing, a very cool tree house, etc. Elle's favorites are the slides and the sandbox.

Jonas going down the slide.

Gabe swinging.

Elle kissing boys in the tree house!

They found a wagon to play with.

Porter and Elle going down the slide.

Donovan swinging.

Abes Graduation Dinner

To celebrate Abe and Jackie's graduation we went to eat at my favorite mexican resturant Pappasitos. We had fun hanging out with friends. Afterwards, we went......nevermind. The rest is not important.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Abe's Graduation

Abe Graduated!!! I am soooooo proud of him!! The whole time we have been married he has worked one and two jobs, been in ROTC(which is extremely time consuming) and has gone to school. These past few semesters have been EXTREMELY CRAZY!! Last semester, he would wake up at 4:00am, drive to kennesaw or Georgia Tech to run with ROTC. Then he would go to class all day. Then he would come to work as a custodian at Ford at 6:00pm. He would work till 8:30pm then go back for a class that started at 9:00pm. After that class he would have to come back to Ford to finish his work. He wouldnt get home till 12:00am. I dont know if he ever got home before 9:00pm. Thankfully, that chapter of our lives is now closed! I really dont see how he survived. There's no way I could have kept up with that kind of a schedule.
His hard work paid off. He got a good internship that led to a really good job. I know he'll be glad to have a normal schedule!!
I cant believe this day finally arrived! I feel like we've grown so much since we first got married. We made it through school together and now we can do anything!

PF Changs

We went to PF Changs with some friends. Elle loved the rice! I think she actually got some in her mouth a couple of times.

Elle loves Brie(Ez and Crystals puppy). Maybe her fascination with puppies is going a little too far! We looked over and realized that Elle had climed into Brie's crate with Brie.

Abe's Commissioning

Abe commissioned to the National Guard! The night before he commissioned we got a knock on our door. His brother Zach flew in from Colorado just to be with Abe while he commissioned! It was such a fun surprise!! Abe's commissioning was at Georgia Tech.
During the ceremony, they gave out programs that have every cadets picture, their name, where they went to school, etc. Under Abe's picture was the name "Marco Brown" of Clark Atlanta University. Abe kind of looks like a Marco doesnt he? Of course we called him Marco for the rest of the day. Now whenever you see Abe you have to salute him and call him Marco.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gift Wrapping Center

My new favorite hobby is walking in model homes. I love to see how they decorate stuff and I always get really good ideas. They other day my mom and I went into a model home in Seven Hills. It was the coolest house!! One of the things they had was a "Gift Wrapping Center." In the laundry room, they used curtain rods to hang the wall paper. They hung the bags on hooks and had all the bows, tissue paper, scissors, and tape in baskets. It looked so cute! I definately wanted a gift wrapping center of my own. Take a look!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Evening at the Garden

My school recently had an event called evening in the garden. Kids sing songs while everyone walks around the school's garden and enjoys a picnic. Elle went with me to the event.

Some fun girls that I work with.

Cant go anywhere without the purse.

"Hi baby." Give him kisses Elle!