Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Thank you Santa"

I had so much fun getting ready for Christmas this year!!! I couldnt sleep Christmas Eve night because I was so excited to see Elle Christmas morning. Last year at Christmas Elle was 11 months old. Although she caught on to "opening presents" really fast, I dont think she really grasped the whole Santa idea yet. This year, to get ready for Christmas we talked about Santa, read books about Santa, and looked at Santa from far away in the mall(she was too scared to walk close to him). I kept telling her that Santa was going to bring her toys etc. Christmas morning Abe's parents and Ez and Crystal came over. Elle was still asleep when they got there. I had to go wake Elle up at 9:00! I brought her down the stairs and set her in front of all her toys. She was so overhwhelmed with all the toys that she just stood there trying to figure out what in the world was going on. Then out of no where she says, "Thank you Santa." That was one of the cutest moments of her life!!Then she cautiously goes to look at all her toys. She definitely got way too many gifts because opening presents became more of a chore towards the end. We had the perfect Christmas morning. To see Elle Christmas morning go to

Last year at Christmas.

Christmas this year.

GiGi and Papa(Abe's parents) got her this cute princess outfit. Now she walks around zapping me with her wand!

Christmas afternoon we went to Maw's house. Elle got a kitchen to play in from Maw and my dad made her a baby crib for her babies.
My mom also got her the Barbie VW powerwheel-that she is in love with!

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, my mom throws her annual Holiday Christmas Party. If anyone has ever been to one of my mom's parties, you will know that you only know a couple people there......and my mom only knows half. She invites everyone she knows and some. If you ask someone how they know my mom, they'll say, "Oh Gail, we met her at a resturant last night-she's so friendly." Her parties are always entertaining and fun. As always there was a CRAZY chinese gift exchange, where old women were stealing gifts from sweet 6 year old boys and grown men were stealing EEE bra's stuffed with a twenty dollar bill.

Thankfully, my friends Katie and Brie came with their families this year. I loved hanging out with them and their families

Me with my crazy step brothers!!


The Trio!!

The girls!

My mom decided to join in.

Me and my sister Heather. I love her!!

My mom, Heather, me, and Elle

Friday, December 28, 2007

Random Holiday Pictures

We got Elle a Barbie four wheeler. Elle and I gave it a test ride in the house. I think I was having more fun than she was!

Elle in her Christmas dress before Church.

Elle and PeePaw(she came up with that name herself!)

Elle, PeePaw, and my mom Grammommy

Elle and Brooklyn at church.

Making cookies

A few weekends ago, Elle's boyfriend came over to play while his parents went out. Andrew is a year older than Elle, but they get along like best friends. Elle copies everything Andrew does. I let them help me make Christmas cookies. They LOVED rolling the dough and using the cookie cutters. They really liked writing their names with the letter cookie cutters. I let them eat the cookies, then I threw the rest of the out......

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Little Confusion

For those of you that read Kelly's last blog about me being away she was almost right, yes I will be gone most of the time till March but I am in the National Guard not the Reserves, two seperate things. People in the Guard are paid by their respective state ie Georgia, Alabama, what have you. People in the Reserves are paid by the U.S. Govt. My main boss is Sonny, Reservists The W, althought the president can call on Guard troops therefore making him your main boss if you are in the Guard. I commissioned in May as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army but opted to serve in the National Guard instead, then I was required to find a job instead because now the Army/State of GA was only going to pay me for one weekend a month. I did not just get done doing basic training, more like a Basic Officer Leadership Course(BOLC). Basic Training is for people who enlist (basically going to a recruiter and signing a contract to go into the military). Althought if I would of had the chance to go to Basic Training I probably would of, good training. Now I am at Officer Basic Course (OBC). I am getting trained in Logistics.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Abe's going away/ Birthday Party

For those of you who dont know, Abe had to move to Virginia till March. He's in the National Guard Reserves. He had to go to this basic training since he just commissioned. When he gets back in March, he'll go back to his normal and exciting job of making maps.
Elle and I miss him like crazy!!!! Our weekends are a lot harder than during the week because we're not as busy. I just miss his company! He's coming home for Christmas and I cant wait!! Dec. 2oth!

I threw him a surprise birthday/going away party at LaParilla. Afterwards we came back to our house and ate birthday cake.

Hot Chocolate

I LOVE hot chocolate in the winter!! I was drinking it the other night and Elle asked for some. We let her try it.....and she never came up for air. She drank the entire cup!! Half-way through we got her a straw. It was pretty funny. She was wired after that!!

The Pink Pig

We Elle and Hayden to the Pink Pig over Thanksgiving Holidays.

The Boat

The Friday after Thanksgiving Abe, Elle, and I went to my mom's boat with my step brothers and their signifigant others. My stepbrothers are soooooo good with Elle. Elle loves being around them because they're constantly playing with her.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving, we had Abe's family and my Dad and Maw over. Here are the pictures.

Elle and Hayden wrestling on the floor.