Wednesday, July 12, 2006

She's a working baby

Taking a bath

This is Elle.

This is Elle hungry.

Elle did a photo shoot for a company called "Bright Starts". They made baby stuff. She will be on the package of their new baby gym. There's a lady who works for Bright Starts who's a professional "baby smiler". Her job is to get babies to smile. She was so funny! Elle smiled for an hour straight. I was so proud of her.

Elle's sitting up!

Heres Elle in her little bikini. She loves to splash in the water. Her favorite thing is when her rubber ducky squirts out water onto her. She thinks its so funny.

Abe left on Monday for Washington state for his "National Guard Stupid Camp". I miss him so much! I dont know why I've been so emotional about it because its only for a month. They wont even let him talk on the phone!! Brings back so many memories of when he left on his mission. So now Elle is my little sidekick. She goes with me everywhere I go. I LOVE being able to stay home with her during the summer!!

Okay, even though I like websites much better than blogs, I have been forced to blog because my website is being stupid. With that said and done, Elle is sitting up! She learned at 4 1/2 months. I went to Nashville for one night and when I came back, she was sitting up. This past week she also FINALLY learned how to roll over. We worked so hard on rolling over, so I'm so excited that shes doing it! Elle's growing sooo fast. She's in the 95th% for weight and off the charts on height.