Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Elle's 7th month


On the way to the mall, Crystal and I saw a sight we've never seen before... a shirtless redneck with enough hair on his body to cover three heads! I dont think he liked that we were taking his picture!

Elle gets around by doing the army crawl. She's gotten pretty fast crawling, especially when she sees jewelry, shoes, or a cell phone.

Abe and Elle reading a book before bedtime.

This is how Elle drinks her bottle- upside down! I went to eat with my mom and Elle at Applebee's. Elle was drinking her bottle upside down in her highchair.

Elle's friends! I started a playgroup about a month ago with friends from work, church, and other places. Since some of the moms in the playgroup work, we meet in the late afternoons. The playgroup keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's so much fun to watch how Elle interacts with other babies!

She has four teeth. Two on top and two on bottom.

Getting ready. Elle loves to help me get ready in the mornings by eating my makeup.

Go Braves!!!

Watching fireworks after the braves game.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We went to the aquarium on memorial day. It was fun....and exhausting! Since it was memorial day, there was a huge crowd! Also, you cant take strollers in the exhibits and Elle is not easy to carry. Other than that, we had fun spending time together as a family. When we left, Abe and I decided we would not go again till Elle can walk!

Me and Elle in front of a Giant Grouper

Abe and Elle in front of the seals. They were barking the whole time we were there. Elle thought it was funny.

In front of piranna petting zoo.

6 month pictures

Elle's 6 month pictures

What can I say, she smiles with her tongue!!



and more tongue!!!