Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Every Saturday Abe and I take Elle to Gymboree. Elle LOVES going. We've been taking her since she was 6 months old. She literally runs wild at Gymboree. She wants nothing to do with me or Abe. She goes down the slides, goes through tunnels, and plays with the big Gymboree dolls! She plays in the bubbles and sings songs. There are usually about ten babies in her class. Its fun to watch Elle interact with her little friends!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas tree shopping

We found a Christmas tree!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Abey Baby!

For Abe's birthday we had our first taste of Sushi. It was a neat experience and a very cool atmosphere. I accidently ate a Samon sushi roll...I really had a hard time swallowing it. I think it wins as the grossest thing I've ever eaten! I think Abe liked the Sushi. From now on, I'll just order fried rice. After we ate sushi we went to ESPN Zone to play games. The highlight of the night was watching Abe and Derek race on the horses. Derek beat Abe on his birthday!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Lake Michigan

While we were in Chicago we stayed at an airforce base. The Base sat on Lake Michigan. The water was so cold!!!

My poor baby has kankles!!!!

Family Portrait

We took our first family photo!

Abby's Wedding

Abe's sister Abby got married Nov. 18th. Abby and Ryan got married at the temple in Atlanta. Abby was a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!!

The reception was at the Ford Center in Powder Springs. Ginet, Emmi, Crystal, and I were Abby's bridesmaids. Heidi made Elle and Summer(Elle's cousin) matching dresses. They were so cute!!

Elle, Summer, and Bode playing together after the reception.

Elle and all her cousins!!

Elle wont even notice a huge bow on her face when she has her bottle.

Abby and Ryan also had a reception in Chicago- Ryans home town. We drove 13 hours to Chicago. Elle did a GREAT job in the car. I was kind of worried about driving that far with her, but she did great.

We had time to go to the Sears Tower. It's the tallest building in North America. We rode an elevator to the 103rd floor. The view was amazing! Other than that it was REALLY boring and not worth the money we paid.

We went to the Sears Tower with Abe's oldest brother Zach and his family.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Elle's new smile

Elle's new Smile!

I hate to say it, but Elle's modeling days have come to an end. She has a new smile. She squints her eyes, wrinkles up her nose, and shows all her teeth. This smile comes out when she's the center of attention. And she'll keep doing it as long as people are watching her. Its so funny. We all laugh till our stomach hurts.

My Birthday Party

My Birthday was this past Sunday. I turned 26. In four years I will be 30! Three decades. Abe and I have almost been married for four years and the time has flown by. I'm sure time will keep flying and I'll be 30 before I can blink. Anyways, Abe and my best friends threw me and my friend Leslie a surprise birthday party at this Italian resturant named Provino's. We had so much fun! I of course knew about the surprise.....anyone who knows my husband knows that he has a really hard time keeping surprises. He accidently left his email up on my computer and I checked his email thinking it was mine. Of course there was an email discussing the plans of the surprise party. It was still so much fun though!!!

The Birthday Girls (me and Les)


me and Jess

My sweet husband

The girls

Brad, LOVES holding babies!

After Provino's we went to US Play. These girls LOVE to sing!!

Me and Derek

Abe and Elle racing cars